Presentation on "Making Sense of the Web of Data"


Dr. Tomi Kauppinen
Department of Media Technology
Aalto University School, Finland


Wednesday 12.03.2014 at 11:00 h


Seminar Raum 127 
Neues E.I., Room # CD 03 24
Gusshausstrasse 27-29, 1040 Wien


Making Sense of the Web of Data


This talk is about linking. Large amounts of data make it essential to develop methods for making sense of the data. Crucial step here is to establish links between data. I present the idea via two case examples, 1) one on Digital Cultural Heritage and 2) another one on Linked Science.


I demonstrate how representations cultural heritage benefit from links between resources. For instance, spatial relationships between current places and historical places facilitate information retrieval. Our method supports creation of knowledge about historical places by reasoning about changes. Further on, temporal references are also important in contextualizing cultural heritage information. We address modeling of imprecision of times, by creating fuzzy temporal intervals and computing with them. We consider the degree of overlap and closeness between intervals and compute a relevance score between them. Our results suggest that weights assigned to a degree of overlap and closeness play a crucial role in achieving high relevance scores.


The second case example is Linked Science. The idea is to support interconnecting of scientific assets: scientific data, people, projects, methods, tools, or publications i.e. everything about science. By doing this the core goal is to support making sense of highly interdisciplinary disciplines. For instance, our work on linking Brazilian Amazon Rainforest data now includes ecological, economical and social data. The data is linked via shared spatial, temporal and thematic references. This allows for visualizing and interacting with the data to communicate about underlying phenomena.  Further on, I also present our community effort to build, for instance a vocabulary work to support describing of scientific assets.

Category: Geoinformation, Announcements