Irene Eva Teubner

Projektass. Mag.rer.nat. MSc

Research Group:
CLIMERS, Remote Sensing
Research Area:
water use efficiency retrieved from remote sensing data

Gußhausstr. 27-29 / E120 (CB0326)
Wien, 1040
Phone #:
+43 (1) 58801 - 12212
Teubner, Irene Eva


Irene Teubner was born in Berlin, Germany, and grew up in Mondsee, Austria. She graduated in meteorology (2013) and freshwater ecology (2014) at the University of Vienna. Her motivation to study biology in parallel to meteorology was to gain insight into various aspects of the biosphere that may be relevant in climatology.

During her diploma thesis in meteorology, Irene developed a probabilistic model for the estimation of snow cover duration from in situ ground temperature in the Austrian Alps. Results are published in J Appl Meteor Climatol. In ecology, her master thesis, for which she received a Springer BestMasters Award, focused on aquatic viruses in a natural river habitat, the Danube river floodplain. Being part of a vegetation survey group for many years, she gathered experience in methods of vegetation ecology.

In the remote sensing group of TU Wien, Irene is interested in the multidisciplinary research evaluating vegetation related processes in the biosphere using earth observation data. 

Irenes PhD study is funded from the EOWAVE project, which is a TU Wien Science Award 2015 for Wouter Dorigo.