Welcome to the GEO Green Team webpage!

The GEO Green Team consists of students and staff within the Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation dedicated to creating a more sustainable department. The GEO Green Team challenges GEO staff and students to make an incremental change for a more sustainable work life. Every month the focus is on an environmental topic like transport, waste reduction, recycling and upcycling, composting, energy and water conservation and pollution prevention which is communicated and promoted via monthly posters. Events and activities are organised accordingly, such as a walk/bike-to-work-challenge, clean-up-a-mountain-hike and a flea market. In addition, long-term changes are promoted and enabled such as waste separation and recyling, bring your reusable lunchbox or coffee cup and local/biological catering, coffee, tea and fruits.

Our goal is to raise awareness on these crucial topics and implement methods and policies to improve the situation.


+++ NEWS | 30.10.2020 +++


The GEO Green Team is growing and is therefore renamed to TU Green Team.

As people from other departments and institutes are pursuing the same goals and showed interest in partcipating in our GGT activities, we expanded our network during the last months.


For further information visit our website: TU Green Team
coLAB: TU Green Team Workspace - TU login required

Instagram: tugreenteam


or feel free to contact us via greenteam@tuwien.ac.at


As of May 2019, the GEO Green Team consists of 21 members from all 7 research divisions of the GEO department.

GEO_GreenTeam.JPGGEO Green Team: Wolfgang Preimesberger, Isabella Pfeil, Sabine Horvath, Raphael Quast, Irene Himmelbauer, Carina Brachner, Daniel Landskron, Alexandra von Beringe, Camillo Ressl, Mariette Vreugdenhil ( f.l.t.r., some members missing)