Courses at TU Wien with Green Topics

There are several courses at TU Wien that cover environmental issues. In the following, there is a summarized list of courses (which might be incomplete).


Type Title Semester Hours
VO Entwicklung und Bewertung nachhaltiger Prozesse 2020S 2.0
VO Ethics and technology (series of lectures) 2019W 2.0
VO Lectures for Future - für verschiedene Disziplinen   2019W 2.0
VO Legal issues in ecology 2019S 2.0
SE Ecological aspects in building design 2019S 2.0
VO Ecology and Sustainable Development 2019S 2.0
VO Ringvorlesung Ökologie 2019S 1.5
VO Ecological and Social Aspects in Chemistry 2019S 2.0
VO Hydropower Plants: from idea to electricity 2019S 2.0
VO Environmental protection in the energy sector 2019S 1.5