Why GEO Green Team?

The reason why we decided to establish a Green Team at the GEO Department is because we were tired of reading and hearing of the dangers of environmental pollution and climate change every single day, without getting the feeling that something is changing. Only complaining is no alternative, so we wanted to get active.

We are totally aware that our potential achievements are infinitesimally small on a global scale. None of the below figures will be affected by the actions of the GEO Green Team at all. However, with the Green Team our range is considerably larger than that of individual persons. People tend to say "I'm just one in 7 billion, my actions do not affect anybody". Well, since the infinitesimally small negative actions of billions of individuals together have managed to cause a serious imbalance of the planet, we are profoundly convinced that the infinitesimally small positive actions of a great number of individuals together may contribute to perceptible improvements in this respect as well. The GEO Green Team is just one small piece of the puzzle, but it reinforces the impact of a set of individuals with one desire: make our all lives more sustainable.


The following plots give an understanding of why we see urgent need in a more sustainable dealing with our planet.

Biocapacity vs. footprint 1961-2012.gifDevelopment of the ratio between the ecological footprint and biocapacity from 1961-2012. Countries in green produce more resources than they consume, countries in red consume more than they are able to reproduce.


Forest biocapacity 1961-2012.gifDevelopment of forest biocapacity per capita from 1961-2012.


We are convinced that a change must be brought from the bottom, that is, from the people. In a growth-oriented globalized economic system it is not to be expected that environmental protection ever gets the priority which would be required. These days, the dangers of environmental pollution and climate change are heard more often in the news than ever before, however, the political efforts to seriously combat these problems remain insignificant. As a consequence, the per capita CO2 emissions are continually growing and climate objectives are regularly failed. See what you can do to reduce your footstep: Everyday hints to go green