Satellite Soil Moisture Validation and Application Workshop in Frascati, Italy, 1-3 July 2013


The objective of the workshop is to discuss and reconcile recent methodological advances in the validation and application of global satellite soil moisture data. The workshop will bring together producers and users of satellite soil moisture data, providing a platform to discuss data quality, error characterization, validation approaches, data assimilation, and the broadening range of applications. The workshop will focus on soil moisture products derived from current and future active and passive microwave sensors operating in the low frequency range from 1 to 10 GHz, including but not limited to ASCAT, SMOS, AMSR-E, ASAR, SMAP, Sentinel-1 and any combination thereof.

One concrete goal of the workshop will be to collect material for a white paper on “Best practice guidelines for the validation of satellite soil moisture data using in situ data hosted by the International Soil Moisture Network (ISMN)” which is foreseen as a contribution to GEWEX, CEOS, TOPC, and WMO.

Important Dates:

Registration opening:22. December 2012
Abstract submission closure:1. March 2013

There will be no registration fee, but the workshop is limited to 100 participants on  a first come, first served, basis. Please see workshop website for registration details.

For a detailed programme and further information please visit the workshop website.
 Dec. 21, 2012

 Microwave Remote Sensing