WEP - GNSS Reference Station Network Vienna (WEP)

  2002-08-01 - 2005-12-15

Goal of the project WEP is the set up of a real-time positioning system in Upper Austria based on the satellite navigation systems GPS and GLONASS. The work covers the search for an optimum location of the planned reference stations, their connection with the stations of the project partner BEWAG and the precise survey of the new station markers. Coordinates have to be determined in a global (ITRF2000) and a continental (ETRF) reference frame. To realize coordinates in the local Austrian geodetic datum one or more best fitting sets of transformation parameters have to be estimated. On the long run the stability of the station markers has to be tested by processing daily coordinate time series. In addition the use of GNSS observation data and derived tropospheric delay estimates for regional weather forecasts should be investigated.

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