A new independent GLOBAL rainfall product from ASCAT soil moisture observations through SM2RAIN (SM2RAIN_ASCAT)

  2017-12-01 - 2019-06-30

The main objectives of the GLOBAL-SM2RAIN-ASCAT project are:

  • Development of a daily global rainfall dataset at a spatial sampling of 12.5 km from ASCAT soil moisture measurements (METOP A and METOP B satellites) by using SM2RAIN: SM2RAIN-ASCAT
  • Global scale assessment of uncertainty of SM2RAIN retrieval algorithm through synthetic study
  • Global scale validation of SM2RAIN-ASCAT rainfall product for the assessment of its uncertainty, also in view of the uncertainties in the ASCAT soil moisture product(s) and in SM2RAIN retrieval algorithm
  • Development of open source methods and algorithms for providing the product also in near real time.

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  •   CNR-IRPI