GNSS Realtime Positioning Service - Vienna (WEP2)

  2005-12-16 - 2019-12-31

The project 'Wienstrom Real Time Positioning' covers the cooperation with the WienEnergie energy supply company aiming at the disturbance free operation of the companies GPS/GLONASS RTK reference station network. This project is a continuation of the close cooperation between TU-Vienna and WienEnergy during the installation and initial operation phase of WEP in the years 2002-2004. Specific goals under investigation are: * the use of precise satellite ephemeris (predicted orbit- and clock correction information) * the modelling of the tropospheric and ionospheric delay * testing the precision and accuracy of the RTK positioning * establishing of reliable sets of parameters to transform global coordinates to national coordinates * the Internat-based RTCM data transfer by means of the NTRIP protocol

Project manager Financiers
  •   ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG
  •   Wien-Energie