Austrian EGNOS Data Server (OEGNOS 2)

  2009-05-01 - 2011-02-28

The Austrian EGNOS data server (OEGNOS ¿ Österreichischer EGNOS Datenserver) provides an EGNOS correction data service especially tailored to the requirements in Austria. For that purpose, improved EGNOS correction data are provided to the users via a terrestrial communication connection. Especially in Austria, this service will induce a significant added value due to the challenging topography which causes widespread EGNOS satellite signal obstructions. By the integration of local atmospheric corrections (ionosphere, troposphere), derived from real measurements, the quality of the EGNOS correction data will be improved significantly. Therefore, the EGNOS correction data are decoded, supplemented by the computed local ionospheric and tropospheric corrections, encoded into an RTCM format, and provided via an authenticated GSM/GPRS (TCP/IP) connection. Due to the improved absolute accuracy of the single point positioning new application areas arise (e.g. agrarian area determination), which can not be covered by conventional GPS/EGNOS positioning in Austria. The main goal of the project is the industrial and scientific research and development regarding the generation of an Austrian EGNOS data service which provides improved accuracy. Thus, a data server and a test user terminal will be developed and tested in order to evaluate the complete system. The first version of this service will cover a local area in the surroundings of Rottenmann (Styria). A future planned development (at present not part of the project) aims at the back-coupling of the test user terminal. Thus the approximate coordinates (C/A code position solutions) of the terminal will be transmitted to the EGNOS data server in order to compute, assign, and re-transmit the corresponding correction set especially calculated for the user position. Furthermore, the transmission of the improved EGNOS correction data via a radio broadcasting service is envisaged in order to provide corrections e.g. for automotive applications.

Project manager Financiers
  •   Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbH (FFG)