BALKAN countries integration into GGOS (BALGEOS II)

  2009-06-01 - 2010-01-31

Based on the established contacts between the partners in the framework of BALGEOS project this new proposal aims to extent and strengthen the quality of regional geodetic collaboration between Austria, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia and Albania to further partners┬┐ integration into GGOS. The participant countries are presented by their leading Institutes in the field of geodesy. The project approach will increase synergy between the partners, will facilitate the dissemination of know-how and good practice between the partners, will contribute to share information, data and experience in the field of geodetic studies, and enhance the level of science and technology used in the research and university institutions. The gained experience from the co-operation will motivate other Southeast European countries to contribute to this initiative. The proposal will contribute to the regional implementation of GGOS by developing national and regional capacities for coordination, usage and sharing of geodetic data and information. The objectives of the proposal include exchange of scientific and educational experience, testing the models for space geodetic observations processing, organization of two workshop for dissemination of know-how and good practice between the partners. Special interest will be paid to the existing global, regional and national geodetic networks, their spatial coverage and precision improvements in context of the future integration in the GGOS. Space observation data will be exchanged in order to test different geodetic methodologies and models. The scientific policy of establishing a permanent GNSS tracking network in the Southeast European region will also be discussed. The research consortium plans to organize two workshops, which will cover the top priorities of the GGOS. Within the project we will suggest a way for regional integration of the Balkan countries into GGOS. All project activities and results will become available to the scientific community on the BALGEOS website ( The webpage will be operated and supported in order to facilitate dissemination of information, project results and available data amongst the participants. The acquired skills, competences and knowledge will improve the scientific competitiveness in terms of research possibilities in a key IAG scientific policy. The project results will contribute to the geodetic strategy for development of Earth observation systems in Southeast Europe.

Project manager Financiers
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