Contributions to Proceedings

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  5. G. Gerstbach:
    "CCD Geodesy: not only LASER, also Stars!";
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  6. G. Gerstbach:
    "Mars Channel Observations 1877-90, Compared with Modern Orbiter Data";
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  7. T. Hobiger, J. Böhm, H. Schuh:
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  8. M. Lechthaler:
    "Concept of map based city guide - using mobile internet for location based services";
    in: "GIS Odyssey 2002", issued by: D. Kerekovic,GIS Forum Zagreb; Hrvatski Informaticki Zbor - GIS Forum, Zagreb, Croatia, 2002, 953-6129-21-1, 13 - 24. BibTeX, More information

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    "International GLONASS Pilot Project";
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  10. S. Uhlirz, M. Lechthaler:
    "LoL@ - City Guide. Prototyp einer kartenbasierten UMTS-Applikation";
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  11. R. Weber:
    "Review of IGS Analysis Products";
    in: "Proceedings of the IGS Workshop 2002", IGS Workshop 2002 Ottawa, 2002. BibTeX,

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