Talks and Poster Presentations (without Proceedings-Entry)

  1. W. Wagner:
    "Spatial data from remote sensing for hydrologic applications: Status and perspectives";
    Talk: International Workshop Indicators and their Application for River Basin Management, Nairobi (invited); 2003-11-05 - 2003-11-06. BibTeX,

  2. W. Wagner:
    "Erfassung und Nutzung regionaler Bodenfeuchtigkeitsdaten aus operationellen Europäischen Satellitensystemen";
    Talk: GMES-Informationsveranstaltung, Umweltbundesamt, Wien (invited); 2003-06-04. BibTeX,

  3. W. Wagner:
    "European-Russian Climate Change Research";
    Talk: VII International Scientific Conference GEOINFOCAD 2003 (Russian and Austrian State of the Art, Methods of Remote Sensing and GIS Technology), Federal Chamber of Consultans, Wien (invited); 2003-05-21. BibTeX,

  4. W. Wagner:
    "Recent advances in soil moisture mapping from space using active and passive microwave sensors";
    Talk: University of Salamanca, Spain, Salamanca, Spanien (invited); 2003-05-13. BibTeX,

  5. K. Scipal, W. Wagner:
    "Synergies between the European Microwave Remote Sensing Missions SMOS and ASCAT for Monitoring Soil Moisture";
    Talk: EGS XXVIII General assembly, Nice, France, Nice, France; 2003-04-07 - 2003-04-11. BibTeX,

  6. C. Scheffler, W. Wagner, K. Scipal:
    "Using C-band scatterometers for flood monitoring";
    Talk: International Conference on advances in Flood Forecasting in Eurpoe, Rotterdam; 2003-03-03 - 2003-03-05. BibTeX,

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