Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry)

  1. Z. Bartalis, K. Scipal, W. Wagner:
    "Azimuthal signatures of scatterometer measurements over different land cover types in China";
    Talk: International Symposium on Physical Measurements and Signatures in Remote Sensing, Beijing, China; 2005-10-17 - 2005-10-19; in: "ISPMSRS 2005 Conference Proceedings", XXXVI 7/W20 (2005), ISSN: 1682-1750; 24 - 26. BibTeX, More information

  2. J. Weichselbaum, F Petrini-Monteferri, M Papathoma, W. Wagner, N Hackner:
    "Sharpening census information in GIS to meet real-world conditions - the case for Earth Observation";
    Talk: International Conference on Sustainable Development & Palnning, Bologna; 2005-09-12 - 2005-09-14; in: "Sustainable Development and Planning II", (2005), ISBN: 1-84564-025-x. BibTeX, More information

  3. W. Wagner, K. Scipal, A. Bartsch, C. Pathe:
    "ENVISAT's capabilities for global monitoring of the hydrosphere";
    Talk: IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society Symposium, Seoul (invited); 2005-07-25 - 2005-07-29; in: "Proceedings of the IGARSS 2005", (2005), ISBN: 0-7803-9050-4; 5678 - 5680. BibTeX, More information

  4. G. Blöschl, R. Kirnbauer, J. Jansa, J. Parajka, R. Merz, P. Haas:
    "Urcovanie priestorvého rozdelenia snehu v Rakúsku (Spatially distributed snow estimation in Austria)";
    Talk: 10th Annual Slovak Snow Meeting, Liptovský Mikulás (invited); 2005-04-14 - 2005-04-16; in: "Proceedings of the 10th Annual Slovak Snow Meeting", L. Holko, Z. Kostka (ed.); (2005), 11 - 13. BibTeX,

  5. P. Dorninger, W. Kippes, J. Jansa:
    "Technical Push on 3D Data Standards for Cultural Heritage Management";
    Talk: CORP 2005 - GeoMultimedia 05, Wien; 2005-02-22 - 2005-02-25; in: "10th International Conference on Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) in Urban Planning and Spatial Development and Impacts of ICT on Physical Space", M. Schrenk (ed.); (2005), ISBN: 3-901673-12-1; 281 - 287. BibTeX,

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