Doctor's Theses (authored and supervised)

  1. E. Pontikakis:
    "Wayfinding in GIS: Formalization of Basic Needs of a Passenger When Using Public Transportation";
    Supervisor, Reviewer: A. Frank, W. Kuhn; Geoinformation and Cartography, 2006; oral examination: 2006-11-30. BibTeX,

  2. D. Ansorge:
    "A Generic Approach for the Implementation of Spatial Algebras in Database Systems";
    Supervisor, Reviewer: R. Güting, A. Frank; FernUniversität in Hagen, 2006; oral examination: 2006-10-19. BibTeX,

  3. J. Krisp:
    "Geovisualization in Knowledge Discovery for Decision Making and Its Application in Ecological Network Planning";
    Supervisor, Reviewer: M. Kraal, T. Shirabe; Technische Universität Helsinki, 2006; oral examination: 2006-09-27. BibTeX,

  4. A. Dilo:
    "Representation of and Reasoning with Vagueness in Spatial Information A System for Handling Vague Objects";
    Supervisor, Reviewer: A. Frank, P. van Oosterom; Wageningen Universität, 2006; oral examination: 2006-06-15. BibTeX,

  5. C. Rottenbacher:
    "Bewegter Planungsprozess";
    Supervisor, Reviewer: A. Frank, J. Dangschat; Geoinformation and Cartography, 2006; oral examination: 2006-04-04. BibTeX,

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