Publications in Scientific Journals

  1. M. Behm, E. Brückl, W. Chwatal, H. Thybo:
    "Application of stacking and inversion techniques to 3D wide-angle reflection and refraction seismic data of the Eastern Alps.";
    Geophysical Journal International, Vol. 170 (1) (2007), 275 - 298. BibTeX, More information

  2. M. Behm, E. Brückl, U. Mitterbauer et al.:
    "A new seismic model of the Eastern Alps and its relevance for Geodesy and Geodynamics.";
    Österreichische Zeitschrift für Vermessung und Geoinformation (VGI), begutachteter Spezialband, 95. Jahrgang Heft 2 (2007), 121 - 133. BibTeX, More information

  3. M. Behm, H. Hausmann:
    "Eisdickenmessungen in alpinen Höhlen mit Georadar";
    Die Höhle, Heft 1-4, 58.Jg. (2007), 3 - 11. BibTeX, More information

  4. E. Brückl et al.:
    "Crustal structure due to collisional and escape tectonics in the Eastern Alps region based on profiles Alp01 and Alp02 from the ALP 2002 seismic experiment";
    Journal of Geophysical Research, VOL 112 (2007), B06308; 1 - 25. BibTeX, More information

  5. H. Hausmann, K. Krainer, E. Brückl, W. Mostler:
    "Internal Structure and Ice Content of Reichenkar Rock Glacier (Stubai Alps, Austria) Assessed by Geophysical Investigations";
    Permafrost and Periglacial Processes, 18 (2007), 351 - 367. BibTeX, More information

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