Scientific Reports

  1. M. Adams, U Gangkofner, W. Stemberger, M. Doubkova, B. Höfle, M. Hollaus, D. Sabel, C. Aubrecht, K. Steinnocher:
    "SAR-X Environ: Environmental Mapping Applications using TerraSAR-X";
    Report for Final report submitted to the FFG in the frame of the project SAR-X Environ financed by the Austrian Space Applications Programme; Report No. 817082, 2009; 235 pages. BibTeX,

  2. Z. Bartalis:
    "ERS-ASCAT Backscatter and Soil Moisture Intercomparison - First Results";
    Report No. ASCAT Soil Moisture Working Note No. 6, 2009; 19 pages. BibTeX,

  3. A. Bartsch, W. Wagner, D. Sabel, C. Pathe, M. Doubkova:
    "SHARE Extension - final report";
    2009; 4 pages. BibTeX,

  4. J. Böhm, T. Van Dam:
    "Modelling Deficiencies and Modelling Based on External Data (Atmosphere, Ocean, ...); Position Paper for Session 2";
    2009; 5 pages. BibTeX,

  5. M. Doubkova:
    "Backscatter modelling for TerraSAR-X using full-waveform airborne laser scanning data - Final report (DLR MTH0430)";
    2009; 4 pages. BibTeX,

  6. M. Doubkova:
    "Backscatter modelling for TerraSAR-X using full-waveform airborne laser scanning data - Mid-term report (DLR MTH0430)";
    2009; 4 pages. BibTeX,

  7. G. Gartner:
    "Report on the MapServer Workshop in Tehran";
    Report for GIM International Vol. 23, Issue 2; 2009; 1 pages. BibTeX,

  8. G. Gartner, F. Ortag:
    "ICA Symposium on Cartography for Central and Eastern Europe";
    Report for ICA Newsletter; Report No. 52, 2009; 1 pages. BibTeX,

  9. M. Haberler-Weber, R. Weber, G. Thaler:
    "Abschlussbericht Projekt. PPos-Taxi - Präzise Positionierung zur effizienten Taxivermittlung";
    2009; 82 pages. BibTeX,

  10. M. Hollaus, W. Dorigo, W. Wagner, K. Schadauer, B. Regner, C. Bauerhansl:
    "Regionalisierung von Waldinventurdaten mit Hilfe von Methoden des luftgestützten Laserscannings (ÖWI-Regio)";
    Report for Endbericht zum Forschungsprojekt Nr. 100187 finanziert durch das BMLFUW; 2009; 66 pages. BibTeX,

  11. F. Karimipour, A. Frank:
    "n-Dimensional Convex Decomposition of Polytops";
    Report for; Report No. 6.6.6., 2009; 65 pages. BibTeX,

  12. C. Pathe, M. Doubkova, W. Wagner:
    "Feasibility Study on retrieving soil moisture data and their relevance for the prediction of floods for the Mekong river";
    2009; 33 pages. BibTeX,

  13. D. Sabel, M. Doubkova, W. Wagner, Z. Bartalis:
    "Sigma Nought Statistics over Land Activity - Final Report";
    Report for ESA contract No. 22122/08/NL/JA; 2009. BibTeX,

  14. R. Weber, J. Berndorfer, C. Klug:
    "Austrian Geodetic Service Provider (AUSPRO)";
    2009; 112 pages. BibTeX,

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