Publications in Scientific Journals

  1. M. Behm:
    "3-D modelling of the crustal S-wave velocity structure from active source data: application to the Eastern Alps and the Bohemian Massif.";
    Geophysical Journal International, 179 (2009), 1; 265 - 278. BibTeX, More information

  2. D. Binder, E. Brückl, K. Roch, M. Behm, W. Schöner:
    "Determination of total ice volume and ice thickness distribution of two glaciers in the Hohen Tauern (Eastern Alps) by ground penetrating radar (GPR).";
    Annals of Glaciology, 50 (2009), 51; 71 - 79. BibTeX,

  3. M. Grad, E. Brückl, M. Majdanski, M. Behm, A. Guterch et al.:
    "Crustal structure of the Eastern Alps and their foreland: seismic model beneath the CEL10/Alp04 profile and tectonic implications";
    Geophysical Journal International, 177 (2009), 1; 279 - 295. BibTeX, More information

  4. G. Hetényi, W Graham, G. Stuart, G. Houseman, F. Horváth, A. Hegedús, E. Brückl:
    "Anomalously deep mantle transition zone below Central Europe: Evidence of lithospheric instability";
    Geophysical Research Letters, VOL. 36 (2009), L21307; 1 - 6. BibTeX, More information

  5. F. Kohlbeck, D. Mawlood:
    "Computer program to calculate resistivities and layer thicknesses from Schlumberger soundings at the surface, at lake bottom and with two electrodes down in the subsurface.";
    Computers & Geosciences, 35 (2009), 1748 - 1751. BibTeX, More information

  6. O. Simeoni, E. Brückl:
    "The effect of gravity stripping on the resolution of deep crustal structures in the Eastern Alps and surroundings Regions";
    Austrian Journal of Earth Sciences, 102 (2009), 2; 157 - 169. BibTeX,

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