Talks and Poster Presentations (without Proceedings-Entry)

  1. E. Brückl:
    "Active extrusion of the Pannonian fragment and related seismicity in the Eastern Alps and the Dinarides.";
    Talk: Meeting and Exhibition on Geophysics, Geology, Mining, and Envionment Protection, Pécs, Hungary; 2009-09-24 - 2009-09-26. BibTeX, More information

  2. H. Hausmann, K. Krainer, E. Brückl:
    "Geophysikalische Methoden zur Kartierung und Strukturerkundung von Permafrost (Ötztaler Alpen).";
    Talk: Gletscherworkshop, Obergurgl; 2009-08-03 - 2009-08-04. BibTeX,

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