Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry)

  1. G. Wilke, A. Frank:
    "Tolerance Geometry - Euclid´s First Postulate for Points and Lines with Extension";
    Talk: ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information, San Jose, California; 2010-11-02 - 2010-11-05; in: "ACM Sigspatial 2010", A. Abbadi, D. Agrawal, M. Mokbel, P. Zhang (ed.); ACM Inc., (2010), ISBN: 978-1-4503-0428-3; 162 - 171. BibTeX,

  2. G. Navratil, I. Kabashi, M. Ragossnig-Angst:
    "Homogeneous Coordinate Frames vs. Existing inhomogeneous Data";
    Talk: SDI Spatial Data Infrastructure, Skopje, Macedonia; 2010-09-15 - 2010-09-17; in: "SDI 2010 - International Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructure", B. Idrizi, D. Todorovski (ed.); FON University, Skopje, (2010), 306 - 318. BibTeX,

  3. G. Navratil:
    "Der Einfluss von Korrelation auf die Ergebnisse von Berechnungen";
    Talk: AGIT 2010, Salzburg; 2010-07-07 - 2010-07-09; in: "Angewandte Geoinformatik 2010", J. Strobl, T. Blaschke, G. Griesebner (ed.); (2010), ISBN: 978-3-87907-495-2; 8 - 17. BibTeX,

  4. R. Bulbul, A. Frank:
    "A Dimension Independent Geometric Model for City Modeling";
    Talk: ISPRS Technical Commission VII Symposium 2010, Vienna; 2010-07-05 - 2010-07-07; in: "ISPRS", (2010). BibTeX,

  5. G. Navratil, R. Bulbul, A. Frank:
    "Maintainable 3D Models of Cities";
    Talk: Real CORP 2010, Vienna; 2010-05-18 - 2010-05-20; in: "Real Corp 2010", M. Schrenk, V. Popovich, P. Zeile (ed.); (2010), 8 pages. BibTeX,

  6. R. Bulbul, A. Frank:
    "Intersection of Nonconvex Polygons Using the Alternate Hierarchical Decomposition";
    Talk: AGILE 2010, Guimaraes, Portugal,; 2010-05-11 - 2010-05-14; in: "Geospatial Thinking", M. Painho, M. Santos, H. Pundt (ed.); Springer, (2010), ISBN: 978-3-642-12325-2; 1 - 23. BibTeX,

  7. A. Frank:
    "Objectivity in GIS: Do Cultural Differences Matter?";
    Keynote Lecture: MRSS, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 2010-04-28 - 2010-04-29; in: "MRSS 6th International Remote Sensing & GIS Conference and Exhibition", A. Shariff (ed.); (2010), 27 - 28. BibTeX,

  8. A. Frank:
    "How Do People Think about Space - Position Paper";
    Talk: Schloss Dagstuhl Seminars, Dagstuhl, Germany; 2010-03-28 - 2010-04-01; in: "Seminar 10131 Spatial Representation and Reasoning in Language : Ontologies and Logics of Space", J. Bateman, A. Cohn, J. Pustejovsky (ed.); (2010), 5 pages. BibTeX,

  9. G. Navratil, J. Hafner, D. Jilin:
    "Accuracy Determination for the Austrian Digital Cadastral Map (DKM)";
    Talk: Croation Congress on Cadastre, Zagreb; 2010-02-15 - 2010-02-17; in: "Fourth Croation Congress on Cadastre", D. Medak, B. Pribicevic, J. Delak (ed.); Croation Geodetic Society, (2010), ISBN: 978-953-97081-8-2; 171 - 181. BibTeX,

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