Talks and Poster Presentations (without Proceedings-Entry)

  1. V. Rentenberger:
    "Structure du curriculum en géoinformation à l'Université de Technologie de Vienne";
    Keynote Lecture: La gématique: technologie, éducation et marché de travail, Tanger, Marokko (invited); 2010-11-26 - 2010-12-09. BibTeX,

  2. G. Wilke:
    "Propagating Worst Case Error in Tolerance Geometry";
    Talk: Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing, Berkeley, California, USA (invited); 2010-11-05. BibTeX, More information

  3. A. Frank:
    "Data Quality Ontology: An Ontology for Imperfect Knowledge";
    Keynote Lecture: Multi GI, Karlsruhe (invited); 2010-10-14 - 2010-10-15. BibTeX,

  4. A. Frank:
    "Geo Value 2010";
    Keynote Lecture: Geovalue 2010, Hamburg (invited); 2010-09-30 - 2010-10-01. BibTeX,

  5. A. Frank:
    "AHD: Alternate Hierarchical Decomposition";
    Talk: AgA, Dresden, Germany (invited); 2010-09-27 - 2010-09-28. BibTeX,

  6. G. Wilke, A. Frank:
    "On Equality of Lines with Positional Uncertainty";
    Talk: GIScience 2010, Zurich, Switzerland; 2010-09-14 - 2010-09-17. BibTeX, More information

  7. B. Schaffrin, G. Navratil:
    "On Reproducing Linear Estimators within the GM-Model with Stochastic Constraints";
    Talk: LinStat 2010, Tomar, Portugal; 2010-07-27 - 2010-07-31. BibTeX,

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