Contributions to Books

  1. E. Brückl:
    "Lithospheric Structure and Tectonics of the Eastern Alps - Evidence from New Seismic Data";
    in: "Tectonics", issued by: Damien Closson; INTECH, Rijeka, Croatia, 2011, ISBN: 978-953-307-545-7, 39 - 64. BibTeX, More information

  2. H. Huang, Y. Li, G. Gartner:
    "A load balancing method to support spatial analysis in XML/GML/SVG-based WebGIS";
    in: "Advances in Web-based GIS, Mapping Services and Applications", issued by: Songnian LI, Suzana Dragicevic, and Bert Veenendaal; ISPRS Buchreihe, Leiden, 2011, ISBN: 978-0-415-80483-7, 153 - 168. BibTeX, More information

  3. M. Jobst:
    "Considerations on the quality of cartographic reproduction for long-term preservation";
    in: "Preservation in Digital Cartography - Archiving Aspects", M. Jobst (ed.); Springer Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, 2011, ISBN: 978-3-642-12732-8, 57 - 73. BibTeX, More information

  4. M. Jobst, G. Gartner:
    "Structural aspects for the digital cartographic heritage";
    in: "Preservation in Digital Cartography", M. Jobst (ed.); Springer Verlag, Heidelberg Dordrecht London New York, 2011, ISBN: 978-3-642-12732-8, 57 - 76. BibTeX, More information

  5. W. Mücke, M. Hollaus, C. Briese:
    "Application and analysis of airborne laser scanning data on reed beds";
    in: "International Symposium on Advanced Methods of Monitoring Reed Habitats in Europe", issued by: Elmar Csaplovics / Jana Schmidt; Rhombos-Verlag, 2011, (invited), ISBN: 978-3-941216-78-5, 109 - 121. BibTeX,

  6. M. Rutzinger, B. Höfle, M. Vetter, N. Pfeifer:
    "Digital Terrain Models from Airborne Laser Scanning for the Automatic Extraction of Natural and Anthropogenic Linear Structures";
    in: "Geomorphological Mapping", issued by: Mike Smith, School of Geography, Geology and the Environment, Kingston University, UK Paolo Paron, School of Geography and the Environment, Oxford University, UK & UNESCO-IHE, Institute for Water Education, Delft, The Netherlands James Griffiths,; Elsevier, 2011, (invited), ISBN: 978-0-444-53446-0, 475 - 488. BibTeX,

  7. H. Schuh, J. Böhm, S. Böhm, M. Madzak, V. Nafisi, T. Nilsson, A. Pany, L. Plank, B. Soja, H. Spicakova, J. Sun, C. Tierno Ros:
    "Vienna IGG Special Analysis Center Annual Report 2011";
    in: "International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry 2011 Annual Report", K. Baver, D. Behrend (ed.); National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), 2011, NASA/TP-2012-217505, 220 - 223. BibTeX,

  8. H. Schuh, S. Böhm:
    "Earth Rotation";
    in: "Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics", Springer Verlag, 2011, ISBN: 978-90-481-8701-0, 123 - 129. BibTeX,

  9. Z. Su, R. Roebeling, J. Schulz, I. Hollemann, V. Levizzani, J. Timmermans, H. Rott, N. Mognard-Campbell, R. De Jeu, W. Wagner, M. Rodell, M. Salama, G. Parodi, L. Wang:
    "Observation of Hydrological Processes Using Remote Sensing";
    in: "Treatise on Water Science", issued by: Peter Wilderer, Technische Universität München; Elsevier, Oxford: Academic Press, 2011, (invited), ISBN: 978-0-444-53193-3, 351 - 399. BibTeX,

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