Scientific Reports

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  2. M. Doubkova:
    "SHARE - extension2, Assessment of the vegetation cover effects on the ASAR GM soil moisture product";
    Report for ESA; 2011; 30 pages. BibTeX,

  3. C. Ticehurst, M. Doubkova, B. Henderson, A. Van Dijk:
    "SHARE - extension2, ASAR GM observations to support water management in Australia";
    Report for ESA; 2011; 22 pages. BibTeX,

  4. W. Wagner, M. Vetter, A. Bartsch:
    "Novel Microwave- and Lidar Remote Sensing Techniques for Monitoring of In-Land Water Resources";
    Report for acatech - Deutsche Akademie der Technikwissenschaften; Report No. 7, 2011; 42 pages. BibTeX,

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