Scientific Reports

  1. H. Bonekamp, K. Scipal, M. Bourassa, L. Breivik, P. Chang, J. Figa-Saldaña, F. Girard-Ardhuin, C. Lin, A. Stoffelen, W. Wagner, J. Wilson:
    "Conference Report, EUMETSAT Report";
    Report for EUMETSAT/ESA; Report No. EUM/MET/11/0453, 2012; 39 pages. BibTeX,

  2. M. Hollaus, L. Eysn, C. Georges, B. Maier, K. Schadauer, F. Riccabona:
    "LASER-WOOD - Abschätzung der oberirdischen Waldbiomasse aus Laserscanning- und Waldinventurdaten";
    Report for Klima- und Energiefonds; Report No. 822030, 2012; 40 pages. BibTeX,

  3. K. Huber, R. Lesjak, R. Weber, F. Hinterberger, T. Berglez, M. Troger, G. Thaler, C. Klug:
    "Development of a real-time PPP processing facility";
    Report for Final Report of FFG- ASAP 7 Research Project RT-PPP; 2012; 88 pages. BibTeX,

  4. A. Kemetinger, R. Weber, N. Magnet, H. Ranner, G. Stangl, S. Krauss:
    "GIOMO - Next Generation Near Real-Time Ionospheric Models";
    Report for Final Report of FFG- ASAP 7 Research Project GIOMO; 2012; 116 pages. BibTeX,

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