Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry)

  1. C. Voigt, S. Dobner, M. Schmidt:
    "Collaborative Mapping and the Reliability of Volunteered Data";
    Talk: The Sixth International Conference on Advanced Collaborative Networks, Systems and Applications COLLA 2016, Barcelona; 2016-11-13 - 2016-11-17; in: "Proceedings of COLLA 2016", (2016), 8 pages. BibTeX, More information

  2. F. Ledermann:
    "mapmap.js - Ein kartographisches API für interaktive thematische Karten";
    Talk: FOSSGIS 2016, Salzburg; 2016-07-04 - 2016-07-06; in: "FOSSGIS 2016", FOSSGIS e.V. (ed.); (2016), ISBN: 9783000534379; 50 - 52. BibTeX, More information

  3. F. Ledermann:
    "Initial Findings from Close Reading of Cartographic Programs";
    Talk: ICA AGILE Workshop on Cartographically Oriented Programming Environments, Helsinki, Finland; 2016-06-14 - 2016-06-17; in: "Code Loves Maps: Cartographically Oriented Programming Environments",, (2016), 4 pages. BibTeX, More information

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