Publications in Scientific Journals

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  5. F. Imtiaz, E. Kozeschnik:
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  11. S. Primig, G. Stechauner, E. Kozeschnik:
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    Steel Research International, 88 (2017), 1; 1 - 10. BibTeX, More information

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  15. A. Vieweg, E. Povoden-Karadeniz, G. Ressel, P. Prevedel, T. Wojcik, F. Mendez-Martin, A. Stark, J. Keckes, E. Kozeschnik:
    "Phase evolution and carbon redistribution during continuous tempering of martensite studied with high resolution techniques";
    Materials & Design, 136 (2017), 214 - 222. BibTeX, More information

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