Talks and Poster Presentations (without Proceedings-Entry)

  1. I. Giannopoulos:
    "Interaktion mit dem Raum und räumlichen Daten";
    Talk: Geodätisches Kolloquium - Winter 2018/19, Innsbruck (invited); 2018-11-14. BibTeX,

  2. I. Giannopoulos:
    "The Geoinformation Group at TU Vienna";
    Talk: Austrian Esri User Conference-Synergis, Wien (invited); 2018-10-23. BibTeX,

  3. P. Fogliaroni:
    "Mixed and Augmented Reality for Archeological and Cultural Heritage Data";
    Keynote Lecture: COARCH - Workshop On Computing Techniques For Spatio-Temporal Data In Archaeology And Cultural Heritage, Melbourne, Australien (invited); 2018-08-28. BibTeX, More information

  4. I. Giannopoulos:
    "Interacting with Space and Spatial Data";
    Talk: GI-Forum Winter 18/19, Münster (invited); 2018-07-03. BibTeX,

  5. I. Giannopoulos:
    "Eye Tracking für Navigation";
    Talk: 13. Österreichischer Geodätentag, Velden (invited); 2018-05-05 - 2018-05-07. BibTeX, More information

  6. R. Mansberger, S. Agegnehu, G. Navratil:
    "The Project EduLAND2: Implementation of Academic Land Administration Education in Ethiopia for Supporting Sustainable Development";
    Talk: APPEAR Networking Meeting, Addis Ababa; 2018-04-23. BibTeX, More information

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