Scientific Reports

  1. P. Matgen, S. Martinis, W. Wagner, V. Freeman, P. Zeil, N. McCormick:
    "Feasibility assessment of an automated, global, satellite-based flood monitoring product for the Copernicus Emergency Management Service";
    Report for EU; Report No. JRC119812, 2020; 52 pages. BibTeX, More information

  2. C. Montzka, M. Cosh, B. Bayat, A. Al Bitar, A. Berg, R. Bindlish, H. Bogena, J. Bolten, F. Cabot, T. Caldwell, S. Chan, A. Colliander, W. Crow, N. Das, G. De Lannoy, W. Dorigo, S. Evett, A. Gruber, S. Hahn, T. Jagdhuber, S. Jones, Y. Kerr, S. Kim, C. Koyama, M. Kurum, E. Lopez-Baeza, F. Mattia, K. McColl, S. Mecklenburg, B. Mohanty, P. O´Neill, D. Or, T. Pellarin, G. Petropoulos, M. Piles, R. Reichle, N. Rodriguez-Fernandez, C. Rüdiger, R. Schwartz, D. Spengler, P. Srivastava, S. Suman, R. van der Schalie, W. Wagner, U. Wegmüller, J. Wigneron, F. Camacho, J. Nickeson:
    "Soil Moisture Product Validation Good Practices Protocol";
    Report for Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS), Working Group on Calibration and Validation, Land Product Validation Subgroup; 2020; 123 pages. BibTeX, More information

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