Publications in Scientific Journals

  1. C. Harmening, J. Paffenholz:
    "A Fully Automated Three-Stage Procedure for Spatio-Temporal Leaf Segmentation with Regard to the B-Spline-Based Phenotyping of Cucumber Plants";
    Remote Sensing (invited), 13 (2021), 1; 1 - 22. BibTeX, More information

  2. G. Retscher, A. Leb:
    "Development of a Smartphone-based University Library Navigation and Information Service Employing Wi-Fi Location Fingerprinting";
    Sensors (invited), 21 (2021), 21; 37 pages. BibTeX, More information

Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry)

  1. G. Retscher, A. Leb:
    "Development of a Navigation and Information Service for a University Library";
    Talk: 2021 International Technical Meeting ION ITM, virtual; 2021-01-25 - 2021-01-28; in: "2021 International Technical Meeting ION ITM", (2021), Paper ID 19, 14 pages. BibTeX, More information

Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised)

  1. E. Ötsch:
    "Modellierung der Deformationen von Mauerwerkstrukturen aus terrestrischen Laserscans";
    Supervisor: H.-B. Neuner, C. Harmening; E120-05 Department für Geodäsie und Geoinformation/Ingenieurgeodäsie, 2021; final examination: 2021-03-23. BibTeX, More information

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