Publications in Scientific Journals

  1. E. Brückl, R. Hochwartner, S. Zöhling:
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  2. P. Ciampi, M. Esposito, G. Cassiani, G. Deidda, A. Flores-Orozco, P. Rizzetto, A. Chiappa, M. Bernabei, A. Gardon, M. Petrangeli Papini:
    "Contamination presence and dynamics at a polluted site; Spatial analysis of integrated data and joint conceptual modeling approach";
    Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 248 (2022), 104026; 1 - 15. BibTeX,

  3. T. Maierhofer, C. Hauck, C. Hilbich, A. Kemna, A. Flores-Orozco:
    "Spectral induced polarization imaging to investigate an ice-rich mountain permafrost site in Switzerland";
    The Cryosphere, 16 (2022), 16; 1903 - 1925. BibTeX,

  4. M. Stumvoll, E. Schmaltz, R. Kanta, B. Grall, J. Luhn, A. Flores-Orozco, T. Glade:
    "Exploring the dynamics of a complex, slow moving landslide in the Austrian Flysch Zone with 4D surface and subsurface information";
    CATENA, 214 (2022), 106.203; 1 - 15. BibTeX,

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