Publications in Scientific Journals

  1. S. Hancock, F. Essl, M. Kraak, W. Dawson, H. Kreft, P. Pysek, J. Pergl, M. Van Kleunen, P. Weigelt, M. Winter, G. Gartner, B. Lenzner:
    "Introducing the combined atlas framework for large-scale web-based data visualization: The GloNAF atlas of plant invasion";
    Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 13 (2022), 2. BibTeX, More information

  2. F. Vörös, G. Gartner, M. Peterson, B. Kovacs:
    "What does the ideal built-in car navigation system look like? - An investigation in the Central European region";
    Applied Sciences, 12 (2022), 8; 3716-1 - 3716-18. BibTeX, More information

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